A short FTL story about traveling through our spacetime universal hallmark human race being kind. #*# Aves&Logy {…}

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Artwork by Cody (J) Bunnell @CodeR32-dev on twitter and search github for more about me. Enjoy!

Down The Road

I always tell the honest truth yeah I don't go into history because I don't care never have and until I find what I have been searching for I will never quit.

I always saw the world differently like they say but through this different point of view, I have…

A short story left here for you.

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Why would this be important? Well lets start with just the word Inequality means that the equation is not balanced and in understanding this you realize everyone whomever they be will always want need and deserve more. …

By: Cody Bunnell (Code_Rad)


Why I would NOT trade my time in the valley/mountains for a life in the city.

Somethings I will not do. Somethings I will do.

Sometimes you have to say no and actually stop and redirect yourself out of the situation.

Sophie & Code | “Finding Her Path Leaving A Trail” 2020 Summer

The Other Day Ago… Behind The View-port

I installed this program via…

I wrote this article / post in my own words so please pardon my English.

The Simple Value of A Token | Building Codes Token

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Why Digital Tokenization Is Key.

Tokenization is the process of encoding the data into a working…

By Cody Bunnell

TLDR: BS Move On.

  • **Please NOTE***
  • The following screenshots are pseudo code.
  • Please Do not try to run my code.
  • FTL is for diagnostics only. (READ ONLY)


Calling All Humans,

“The year 2021 Is on the way and Its time to continue our work on the FTL Engine Scripting Language or…

Logy Software {-*)).} — [ like-share-connect-code-RT ]

Writing Bad Code for Fun and Profit :|:

Might be bad code — but you know in my world what makes sense is not expression what you really mean sometimes you have to stick to the legacy ways I know you understand me. — CODE

Tokenization. Mathematically transforms plain text into cipher text using an encryption algorithm and key. Randomly generates a token value for plain text and stores the mapping in a database. …

Cody Bunnell

I write small posts on medium. From Colorado.

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